5 Surprising Ways to Eat Kale

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5 Ways to Eat Kale You (Likely) Haven't Thought of Before + a scrumptious kale pesto recipe

In my final year of university, all graduates were encouraged to attend a multi-course dinner hosted for the sake of teaching its graduates some basic etiquette. This wasn't an act of compassion for society at large, per se, but specifically for the reason that the powers-that-be at the university wanted to give us the tools we needed to succeed in business – including business lunches.

Toward the end of the first course, I began demurely munching on the kale set on the plate. The host stopped his lecture mid-sentence to call across the room and remind me that the kale was merely decoration and was not to be touched.

In the years since that dinner, kale has most definitely moved from the limelight into the spotlight. While it's still used as culinary decor, these days kale is added to everything from smoothies to power drinks and in my local grocery store, there are more than five brands of kale chips offered as a substitute for potato chips (and they're easy to make at home, too).

However, there's a lot more to kale than meets the eye and there are about a bazillion ways to enjoy it beyond just in smoothies and as a crispy snack.

Today in my monthly post over at Keeper of the Home, I explore a number of ways to use kale you may not have thought of before.

Click here to see the tips and recipes
(including a scrumptious Kale Pesto!)


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