About Us

Since 2010, our mission here at Ethical Green Living has been pretty simple – to help you create a non-toxic, joy-filled home by providing practical tools & resources, along with simple ways to actually use them.

If you're passionate about feeding your family locally-sourced foods, making mindful decisions about your family's purchases, raising your children to be compassionate and rigorously inquisitive, about living free of the toxins and chemicals that surround us in our daily lives, and about making a difference in the world – then you're most definitely in the right place.

Natural Living 101

Whether you're brand new to essential oils or are a seasoned natural living veteran who's just looking for a new natural remedy recipe, we've got hundreds of articles and tutorials to make baby turtle steps to natural living SIMPLE.

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Natural Remedies

We show you the tried-and-true ways of supporting your body's immune system naturally with hundreds of natural remedy recipes and tutorials.

We're also fierce advocates of learning how to use essential oils safely and have some of the most comprehensive essential oil guides available on the market.

See more about our Essential Oil Toolkit here.

Simplify Your Meals

No matter how you dice it, making meals day after day can feel overwhelming. When you're wanting to feed your family wholesome, nourishing meals that appeal to picky eaters and hollow-legged teenagers alike, it can feel like a downright drag.

So we simplify meal planning by helping you identify and work to your strengths, along with providing plenty of recipes and resources along the way.

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Build Your Family

Raising kids in this modern world is a journey all its own – and when you're wanting to help your kids flourish into wise, compassionate adults, the journey is not for the faint of heart.

So we help you build a purpose-filled family with a strong foundation so your family can weather any storm that comes along – together.

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Nourish Your Family

Eating well not only provides your body with the building blocks for true wellness, but cooking with real ingredients introduces your family to a whole host of amazing flavors.

From Instant Pot meals to freezer meals and I'm-too-tired-to-cook-today-so-we're-having-breakfast-for-dinner meals, we've got hundreds of real food recipes to explore.

We also have a particular focus on DIY pantry staples so you can skip the preservatives and additives in the store bought varieties.

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Home & Garden

When you want to live more sustainably and intentionally, the very first question is – where do I start?

From home organization (like what to do with the prolific artwork your four-year-old creates) to simple DIY non-toxic cleaners to the easiest ways to grow herbs in a window sill, we've got you covered. (We also run a permaculture farm, so we know a bit about growing…)

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We believe in celebrating the everyday – and we love to feast!

So we've created multiple guides to help you celebrate too, starting with Kresha's favorite feasting holiday, Thanksgiving.

See the Thanksgiving guide here.