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Thank Goodness It’s Monday – An Announcement

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Welcome to Thank Goodness It's Monday, a weekly blog carnival celebrating natural, joyful living.

The TGIM link carnival has been happening every Monday here at Nourishing Joy for nearly five years and it's one of the longest-running blog link-ups specifically dedicated to living natural, intentional, nourished lives.

(We're rather proud of that!)

However, due to the fact that the link-up has increasingly become a dumping ground for links that don't pertain to the natural living niche, as well as the fact that the sharing platform no longer allows me the type of control over content that it once did, click throughs have become nearly non-existent (meaning, people come and leave links without sharing the post or clicking through to read other people's articles, thus making the link-up rather pointless), and because of Google's ever-changing algorithms, link-ups don't provide enough “back link juice” anymore to make up for the lack of social sharing and post visits.

Thus, it is with a very heavy heart that I announce that Thank Goodness It's Monday is now drawing to a close.

Our Pinterest board will continue to be up and running and if you would like to contribute, you're more than welcome – please don't hesitate to ask via our Contact Us page. However, I WILL visit your blog before approving you to verify your site focuses on the natural living / intentional parenting / real food / sustainable & frugal living niche.

With much appreciation for nearly five good years and for all the work you do,



All Natural Living. All Real Food. All the Time. Thank Goodness It's Monday!



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  1. That is such a bummer! I just found your healthy linkup a few months back and I love it! It’s so hard to find healthy link ups!

    1. I KNOW! I feel the same way. I was seriously reticent to close it, since it’s the ONLY natural living link-up I know of these days, but so many of the links were left from those OUTSIDE the natural living community and I was unable to keep up with all of the extra links left.

      Are you on the Pinterest board? I can bring you more traffic that way, anyway, and the SEO link-ups offer these days does more harm than good, so if you’re on Pinterest, definitely drop me a note and I’ll get you added. 🙂

  2. Yes I am on Pinterest!
    User name Hungrymountaineer
    How do I add myself to this Pinterest board? I hardly ever use Pinterest but I’m trying to use it more to promote my blog.

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