Prime Day!

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It's here!

For anyone, like me, who likes to get a good deal – especially on something I've been saving to purchase for awhile – Prime Day at is the annual bargain basement of good deals. WAHOO!

For Prime members only (and you can get a free 30-day trial if you aren't a member already), starting RIGHT NOW and all the way through tomorrow (Tuesday, July 11), Amazon has deals on pretty much everything.

And best of all, you can set it up so you can WATCH deals – if you know there's an item you're hoping to snag, you can put a watch on it to find out if it goes on sale during the promotion. Seriously sweet.

(Personally, I'm hoping this fair trade t-shirt and this gorgeous essential oil diffuser go on sale!)

And even beyond getting the deals on Prime Day, I find paying for a Prime membership has been MORE than worth it for our family. We use Amazon somewhat regularly, and the amount we save in shipping we make up within 3-4 months each year after paying the annual fee. So, between the deals, the free shipping, and all the other regular perks that are part and parcel of a Prime membership, it's one of the memberships we're willing to pay year after year. 🙂

Okay, enough talking – go check it out yourself and I hope you find a great deal on something you've been looking for!


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