Make Wool Ornaments: Great for the Tree or for Cozy Home Decor

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When thinking “green,” “eco-friendly,” and “sustainable,” making items out of natural fibres is a must. Even better is when you can make those same items out of recycled materials.

Felted wool balls fit this criteria perfectly and today's tutorial comes to us from Judy Coates Perez from Painted Threads Projects. I ran across her post the other day and I love the look of these even more than the ones I posted about recently for making wool dryer balls.

You can make these felted wool balls with purchased or leftover wool yarn, or you can unravel an old wool sweater. The wool roving can be found at any wool shop, online, or from any local spinner in your area.

The technique for making them is similar to the wool dryer balls, but the look on the outside of the ball is much smoother. (And absolutely artistically chic…) Once they're done, you can sew on buttons, baubles, beads, felt cutouts, yarn loops – anything that strikes your fancy!

Many thanks to Judy Coates Perez for this tutorial. Head on over to her website for all the steps, tips, and tricks!

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