How much does your family eat in a week? One family’s story…

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What the world eats - one family's story

A few weeks ago, a dear friend posted the following reflection on his Facebook timeline, inspired by the article at and the photographic book, Hungry Planet.

The author of the book traveled around the world taking photographs of families with the food they typically ate in a week and detailing their weekly food purchases. It's a startling visualization of not only our eating habits, but our use of resources and the various sources of our foods.

With Thanksgiving approaching in the United States, a season that can inspire both gratitude and gluttony, I thought it fitting to share this personal story here. (With many thanks to my dear friends pictured above for their graciousness in letting me share it.)

I'm certainly inspired by these friends – please share in the comments who inspires you!


Our portrait includes the amount of food we eat in a week- the contents of which varies in season.

These days, we're eating more eggs with fish and ground beef complimenting.

Much of our raw milk is changed into milk kefir and much of the water is changed into water kefir or kefir beer, flavored seasonally with fruit.

Cream is turned to butter or ice cream.

As for grains, we've been grinding our wheat and making sourdough breads and use rice for porridge or stir-fries with garden or farmer's market greens.

We make purple sauerkraut, as well, regularly.

And, as tomatoes are still in season, we're eating quite a few from our garden (our daughter calls them ‘taytoes'). This, along with green beans, which the kids get to pick as we water daily.

Berries are a bit sparse, with gojiberries and raspberries producing a few at this time of year.

We eat a lot of soups, as well, with beef bone broth or fish broth.

What does your family eat in a week?

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