Green Cleaning for the Health of Your Pets

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Any pet owners out there? I'm sure there are! As a pet owner myself I know how important it is to keep your pets safe, happy and healthy. Have you ever thought about how your cleaning products could impact your pets? If it’s not safe to use around your kids, then why should you use it around your pets?

I’m a proud mom of two lovely cats (and a horse – but he doesn't care how I clean the house). I’d do anything for them. So when it comes time to clean the house I want to make sure I’m not exposing them to anything that can hurt them.

This was a huge part in why I have decided to clean as eco-friendly as possible. It’s not just about being kind to the environment, it’s also about what’s doing right for my pets.

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Kara, The GreenMtnGirl & Her Cats | Nourishing Joy

I don’t want my pets exposed to toxic fumes or nasty chemical residue. As any cat owner will tell you, there’s only so much you can do to keep your cats off your freshly mopped kitchen floor. I’d rather they get only a little water and non-toxic soap on their paws instead of something with a poison control warning on it.

Cats are notoriously clean critters, and mine are no exception. I'd hate for them to ingest some residue that they picked up by walking across my clean floors (or counter tops *ahem* not that they do that, they are good cats and know better) when they lick their paws to clean.

Just Because It’s Natural…Doesn’t Mean It’s Non-Toxic

However, it’s important to keep in mind that just because your cleaners may be natural, they can still harm your pets.

In particular watch out for essential oils! They are a very popular addition to many natural cleaner recipes, and for good reason! They are, however, highly concentrated volatile oils.

If misused, essential oils can irritate or harm humans, yet our pets are much smaller and metabolize the oils in a different way. Essential oils can be harmful, even deadly to pets. Tea tree oil is one in particular to keep your cats well away from. Remember, natural doesn't mean non-toxic!

Natural + Non-Toxic = Win

That's why the majority of my cleaning is done with 3 very simple items: water + vinegar and baking soda. Between the three of them they can clean just about anything from the kitchen sink to the windows. My go to all purpose cleaning recipe is this, grab a pencil and write this down: 50 -50 water & vinegar solution (in a re-purposed spray bottle). I know that my counter tops and windows will be clean and if the cats to happen to walk on it there's no yucky, toxic residue to be concerned about.

Note from Kresha: We've got a whole little book of homemade cleaners available free to our subscribers. Most of them are pet friendly (and those that aren't are easily adaptable.) Click here to sign up and download your free copy.

Natural and non-toxic cleaners are a win-win, not only for the environment, but your home, and also your pets. Choose your natural cleaners (or cleaner recipes) carefully, and always consult your vet if you aren’t sure if something is safe to be used around your pets or if your pet has special considerations.

Did you choose to move away from conventional cleaning products because of concerns for your pets welfare? Do you have a favorite pet friendly cleaning recipe or product?
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  2. As a parent and a cat owner I am really keen on any ideas that could keep my loved ones away from every kind of chemical exposure. That’s why my making my house “green” and saving money at the same time. I make the same all purpose cleanser as you do and it works! Also I use the citrus peels for making windows cleanser. Keep up the great work!

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