DIY Rainbow Loom |

DIY Rainbow Loom

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DIY Rainbow Loom |

Today's (very brief) post comes to you courtesy of my almost-eight-year-old daughter, who has been recently introduced to the current rainbow loom phenomenon.

At least, I assume it's a phenomenon, since every girl between the ages of 4 and 12 who has come to our home in the last few weeks has arrived with colored elastics and loom in hand.

At first, everyone argued over taking a turn with the loom. Then they learned how to weave on their fingers, which was great until they wanted to set the project down and do something else.

So this weekend, my daughter felt so proud to show me something she had learned from my sister-in-law. If you take a wine cork and stick two pushpins in it, it's like using your fingers to hold and weave the elastics, except you can set it down and come back to your project later. In her world, this was a total score.

You can guess what she did for most of Saturday, can't you?

I hope this little tip from a seven-year-old will bring as much joy to your home as it has to ours!

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  1. Oh my THANK YOU! Our 5 yr old got one for Christmas from a grandparent & lost it, unopened….but it’s the 9 yr old that’s frantically searching the house for it, as some of the kinds he wants to make apparently NEED the loom!

    1. Well, and obviously (since I am unschooled in all the myriad ways to use a rainbow loom!), you could customize this if you needed more posts, either by adding more pushpins or maybe threading the corks onto a knitting needle or something to make it longer.

      Either way, good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. My daughter has gone loom mad – she struggled with the loom but her cousin taught her how t use her fingers. I’ve managed to convince her to use a couple of felt tip pens instead as I was worried about the blood flow to her fingers. That’s working well but will get her to try this too – thank you X

  3. Hi Kresha!

    My 6 year old niece and I are new to rainbow looming and we only have one kit. I use the loom most of the time so she has no choice but to use her fingers to make her bracelets. Thank you for sharing this great idea! Now she can use both hands to loop her bands. She also feels a lot more comfortable and productive!

    God bless you! πŸ™‚

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