Chai Ice Cream - a treat for summertime, autumn, or winter!

Chai Ice Cream

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Chai Ice Cream - a treat for summertime, autumn, or winter!

Autumn came with a vengeance where I live this weekend – while I write this I'm wrapped up in wool blankets and sipping honey caramel apple cider – so perhaps it's odd that I'm at Food Renegade today sharing an ice cream recipe.

However, this recipe, with rich, warm Chai spices and the nourishment of raw egg yolks from pastured hens, raw cream, and raw milk, IS most definitely a treat for every time of year – winter and summer alike. Decadence from simple, down home ingredients – now that's worth celebrating!

And need I convince you of the gorgeous flavors in Chai? I make homemade Chai tea concentrate regularly, even making Chai kombucha – so adding the spices to ice cream was a no-brainer for this chai lovin' mama!

So, see why I use raw egg yolks in my ice cream and get the recipe for Chai Ice Cream over at Food Renegade. It's delightful! You won't be sorry. πŸ™‚

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