In celebration of Spring Cleaning….

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  In celebration of spring cleaning...

May is Spring Cleaning month here at Nourishing Joy, so to make things TIDY, I'm sweeping just a few of our favorite cleaning posts and resources into this one place. 🙂

More calm, less chaos.

Use our step-by-step method to take charge of your life so you have time for what *really* matters.

Happy cleaning!


22 Little-Known Tips to {Really} Clean Your Home

How to Make 27 Homemade Cleaners

What to do when you don’t want to make your own cleaners (and a giveaway)

DIY Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleanser

Conquering Clutter: What to Do with Kids' Artwork

How to Make “The Simple Life” Simpler and More Joy-Filled

What Can I Live Without?

10 Ways to Go Paperless in Your Home

18 Uncommon Uses for Baking Soda


Clean, Naturally! – an e-book of homemade cleaners that's free for subscribers

Our DIY Natural Cleaners Pinterest board


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  1. In our house, my wife and I spend a lot of money on cleaning items! Your homemade cleaners are a great idea and we are definitely going to try them, thanks!

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