Breastmilk (or Raw Milk) Popsicles

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 This idea came to me from a friend, who shared her recipe in the newsletter of the natural wellness clinic at which she works.

Breastmilk popsicles may seem like an odd idea, but what a great, nourishing way to keep older babies and toddlers cool in the summer months and after feverish illnesses, to soothe tender gums, and to offer a frozen treat when older siblings are enjoying popsicles that your toddler is not yet old enough to enjoy.

And the same idea applies for older children: popsicles made out of raw milk provide a very simple, nourishing treat. You can freeze them plain or blend the milk with fruit in the blender before freezing. Talk about a creamy-dreamy treat!

For breastmilk popsicles, simply pour breastmilk into any popsicle tray that will make a safe shape for your baby, such as these ones from Freshfoods that make a nice, rounded shape that Baby can't break off and choke on. You can also freeze the breastmilk in a shallow bowl like a sorbet, stirring it every 30 minutes while it freezes to make it slushy, then scoop it into a netted baby feeder.

(Or if you're like me and have breast milk you've forgotten about in the freezer so it's about to expire, just crush it up right in its current storage bag and scoop that milk into the netted feeder!)

Either way, here's to enjoying summer and being with the little ones we love!

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