Lox Pizza

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A lovely pizza that’s perfect for a summer picnic or buffet table. This lox pizza absolutely sings of the fresh flavors of spring, as it's laden with lox (salt-cured salmon), fresh lemon, fresh dill, capers, sour cream, and red onions. It’s a delectably grown-up version of lox and bagels and it always disappears quickly in our house.

Easter for me is a sure sign of spring.

After the dreary darkness of winter and the Lenten season, the longer days, the budding trees, and the exultant celebration of Christ’s resurrection are all a welcome greeting into what I consider the “official” start of spring.

And thus, of course, I start craving the flavors of spring.

Eating seasonally certainly has its challenges, but the utter delight of new, fresh flavors as each new season arrives trumps any challenge that comes with the practice. In the case of spring, it’s the fresh herbs, greens, and spring salmon that I crave and delight in most deeply.

Thus, this pizza was born out of that delight of fresh flavors. It’s a little like a grown-up version of lox and bagels and it always disappears quickly in our house!

NOTE: The recipe as written uses a sourdough pizza crust, but if you don't have sourdough ready to use, you're welcome to use any pizza dough you already love – just be sure to add in the onion and additional seasoning I call for, as they're an essential part of the flavors that sings and dance as part of the lox pizza symphony of flavors!

I originally wrote this recipe for our Whole Food Family Cookbook, but I also shared the recipe over at Traditional Cooking School when I was regular contributor there. Wardeh is one of the loveliest, most knowledgeable people on the internet when it comes to knowing how to prepare traditional foods and I wholeheartedly encourage you to sign up for ANY of her courses in addition to making this lox pizza recipe. 😄

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