The Fake Food You Don’t Know You’re Eating (Part 1)

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The Fake Food You Don't Know You're Eating (Part 1) | @NourishingJoy via

Good morning! Have you eaten your wood pulp today?

Now, I know I'm kind of weird in that I do make sure my kids eat dirt (as does Stephanie over at Keeper of the Home) and I try to fill them with as much offal as possible, but… wood pulp? Seriously?

While clay and liver may be excellent for our children's diets, processed wood pulp most certainly is not. Yet it's found in everything from packaged hamburgers and shredded cheese to ice cream and breakfast cereal. (source)

This, of course, brings us to the point – there's a lot of fake food out there these days, and I assume most of us would like to avoid it if at all possible.

So, when Stephanie asked the Keeper of the Home contributing writers (of which I am one) to write this month about “tough topics” when it comes to food issues, I thought I'd take a closer look at ten of the most common fake food ingredients and additives and how we can avoid them. You can see the first five in this article and read the second five in the upcoming part two.

Read about the fake foods you're likely eating and how to avoid them at Keeper of the Home.


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