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If you purchased the Complete Wellness Bundle earlier this week (or will be purchasing today, since today is the last day), I wanted to let you know you've earned a free bonus!

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This may not be the right resource for you right now, but it *might* be just what you need, so take a look to decide for yourself. My favorite books are the GORGEOUS “The Art of Gardening” book, the DIY beauty recipes book, and Mama and Baby Love's freezer/slow cooker cookbook – I use that book SO OFTEN in my own kitchen.

The Wellness Media team asked me months ago if I would contribute my popular Restocking the Pantry e-book to the bundle's collection of resources, and I'm excited to be a part. This bundle in particular focuses on the whole idea of WELLNESS – for the family, in the body, during pregnancy – and of course, nourishing the body with real food.

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Get a FREE coaching with me, as my thanks to you.

So, both because I'm absolutely PASSIONATE about helping each of YOU conquer your overwhelm to make natural living and eating well as simple as possible (seriously, this gets me up in the morning!) AND because I want to say thank you to all of you who have invested in your family's wellness by purchasing this bundle via Nourishing Joy, I want to give you an EXTRA bonus of a free, face-to-face, live coaching with me to discuss your biggest frustrations and hurdles in your natural living journey.

This coaching will equip you and energize you to help you make the best decisions possible for YOUR family – there are no one-size-fits-all answers and my job is to help you make wise decisions you feel great about.

I've been doing this offline for awhile, but I'll be launching this coaching as a online paid service in the next few months, and the starting price will be $47. The bundle itself is less than $30, just as a comparison and just so you know the value of the freebie. πŸ™‚


So, here's how this will work:

Since there are potentially hundreds of you who will sign up for this, I'm going to host several small gatherings of no more than 10 people each. This is actually my favorite way to coach, anyway, as often it becomes very synergistic as each of you start to help each other because each of us has valuable experience, talents, and insights to share, even while dealing with frustrations of our own.

Also, I'm super-excited to offer this bonus because in the cyberworld, each of us are stuck behind our computers and mobile devices, but this will give us a chance to interact face-to-face – and I absolutely LOVE that. πŸ™‚

So, once you have your e-mail receipt for the Wellness Bundle, here are the steps to take to sign-up for this bonus:

Step 1: Forward a copy of your receipt to You should receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes to let you know I've received it. The sale ENDS TONIGHT so send in your receipt by noon tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26). I've included a counter below as a reminder. πŸ™‚

Step 2: (Super-important) CLICK THIS LINK and enter your name and e-mail. This is the only way I will have to communicate with everyone, so THIS IS IMPORTANT. Your e-mail will be used for this event only and will be destroyed after our sessions are finished.

Step 3: Once I've verified all the entries and figured out how many sessions we'll be running, I'll send you an e-mail with the next instructions so that I can hear more about your current hopes and struggles and also send you a link to sign up for a time. I will send you this e-mail by Friday of this week.

I'LL BE COMPLETELY FORTHRIGHT: I cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to be scheduled, as when all of you are scattered around the world and most of you are (I assume) very busy people, this might turn into a scheduling nightmare. Please be flexible! I will do my absolute absolute best to provide times when everyone can attend and I will do my best to make it possible for you to choose which time slot you'd like, but I do reserve the right to assign times if necessary. Again, I will bend over backward to try to make sure I get to meet with every. single. one. of you because I treasure you – truly – but again, please be gracious if it becomes uber-difficult, okay?

Alrighty, then. So, I look forward to seeing you! If you haven't gotten your copy of the bundle yet (if it's right for you), don't delay, as there are only a few hours left:

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