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Get the ground-breaking, power-packed Essential Oil Toolkit and you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to give you confidence, answer your questions, and make using essential oils SIMPLE.

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An entire library of in-depth guides and resources to help you use essential oils safely, confidently, and effectively with your whole family.

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  • nearly 140 tried-and-true essential oil RECIPES for home, first aid, cold & flu, beauty, relaxation, pets, and MUCH more
  • full, easy-to-read SAFETY PROFILES for 185 essential oils, both in full-page form and business card size (so you can keep the info right with your essential oil bottles)
  • multiple topical DILUTION CHARTS
  • dozens of comprehensive USAGE & SAFETY CHARTS
  • blank forms to TRACK your favorite essential oil sales, favorite care providers, and wish lists
  • plenty of space for writing in YOUR OWN NOTES adaptations, and recipes
  • a full resource on how to make essential oil SUBSTITUTIONS
  • INVENTORY LOGS so you can always make sure you have the essential oils you love on hand (and that they're fresh and safe to use)
  • at-a-glance posters for what to do in the case of ADVERSE REACTIONS

The Essential Oil Toolkit is the ULTIMATE resource for using your essential oils safely, effectively, and often!


"This guide is comprehensive and easy to navigate, worth every penny!"


The Quick-Start, Dive-in-Deep Digital Library of Printables to Make It EASY to Use Essential Oils Safely

Just imagine if you could...

  • Actually KNOW whether an essential oil is safe for your child or your pet every. single. time. you use your oils
  • EASILY look up in-depth information about nearly *any* essential oil, including topical maximums, ages, pets, shelf life, phototoxicity, consumption, if it's safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, all the names its known by, its benefits, who can use it safely, and more
  • Have a centralized, organized place to keep track of your family's health needs - and which specific essential oils have helped (and which should be avoided)
  • Learn the basics about essential oils - but have everything on hand for when you want to dive deeper
  • Truly UNDERSTAND the basics of how essential oils work and the effects they have - so you can easily choose the best application every time
  • Easily keep track of your favorite essential oils, how you like to use them, how they help your family, when and where to purchase your favorite oils (and know when they're on sale)
  • Make your own essential oil blends and recipes that work and that you LOVE using

What makes the Essential Oil Toolkit so unique?


There are SO many voices out there talking about essential oils and giving their opinion on how to use them. So rather than add to the clambor, we wanted to rise above the noise.

Everything in the Essential Oil Toolkit is a summary and synthesis of hundreds of professional references and studies, including some of the most in-depth research texts on essential oils that exist today.

Our primary sources include cornerstone works by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, Ph.D., Jennifer Peace Rhind, Dr. Melissa Shelton DVM, Dr. E. Joy Bowles, Ph.D., Len and Shirley Price, Valerie Ann Worwood, and Kent Schnaubelt, Ph.D, and well as studies from leading universities and research institutes around the world.


With 400+ pages of printables and references, the sheer amount of reference material inside the Essential Oil Toolkit FAR exceeds any other essential oil resource available outside of a hefty monthly membership.


Differing opinions abound in the essential oil world: between friends, between essential oil consultants, even among researchers and respected aromatherapists.

So whenever information about a particular essential oil needed clarification inside the Toolkit, such as whether a particular essential oil is safe to use with kids during puberty or what it means to "apply essential oils properly" or what age is appropriate to start using 1,8-cineole essential oils on children, we've laid out what you need to know to make a decision that's right for you and your family in a simple, clear, straightforward way.

(And left plenty of space for your own notes if you want to record even more info!)


We purposely don't align ourselves with any one brand so that our information can be neutral and non-biased. (Well, we do have one bias: safety. 😊 ) Besides, our vision is bigger: we want you to be able to use essential oils safely and effectively no matter what brand you use.


There is SO much to keep track of with essential oils, so we've worked hard to make it SIMPLE.

You'll also receive our popular 10-day Essential Oil Safety Fundamentals class totally for free - because we are absolutely passionate about demystifying essential oils and making ethical, green living simply second-nature.


Some essential oils are super-easy to find information about (hello, Lavender!) Others, not so much.

Thus, the Toolkit purposely includes several oils that are hard to find information about elsewhere.

For example, if you search for "Arborvitae essential oil," information is surprisingly thin - and the information that does exist is highly conflicting. You'll find some sources screaming to stay away from it because it's highly neurotoxic, yet some leading companies sell it as one of the best kid-friendly essential oils that exists. Obviously, there's a disconnect somewhere, no?

This is because neither source tells you that there are two different essential oils with the same name! The two oils come from the same tree, but one is distilled from the leaves and one is distilled from the wood. They have two VERY different safety profiles, and most information out there doesn't mention the variation. The Essential Oil Toolkit shows you clearly what to look for to spot the difference.


"I’ve just downloaded the binder and I can’t believe how great of a resource it is! I’ve already sent it to a printer. This is a resource I’ve been looking for, easy to navigate and thorough! Lots of places to write in personal uses and experience. Definitely worth the money!"


Hi! I'm Kresha.

And I want to be your new essential oil and natural living fairy godmother. ✨

My magic wand (ahem... this toolkit) dispels confusion, overwhelm, and lack of confidence around essential oils so you can reach for your essential oils without hesitation and use them confidently with your whole family.

Years ago I heard how amazing essential oils were, and as a mom of four, I wanted to put them to good use with my kiddos. After I bought my first bottle, though, I discovered I had no clue what to actually DO with it, so I began collecting every helpful tip I could find and ended up with cluttered, disorganized binders stuffed to the gills with bits of paper, magazine clippings, and handwritten notes.

So I earned my essential oil safety certification from the Tisserand Institute in May of 2019 and set out to create the most comprehensive, in-depth, yet easy-to-use-even-if-you're-a-total-beginner essential oil resource available outside of professional settings.

This Toolkit was born from years in the trenches and I've worked tooth and nail to make sure the resources inside it will work as well for you as well as they have for me. ❤️

"I am in awe of the hard work and dedication you have put into this binder. It truly looks as if it were a labor of love! It is so well thought out and put together. From the binder covers and tabs to the section by section breakdown of recipes. You've even marked which pages to print single or double sided. I'm in the midst of printing as I type this and I can hardly wait for tomorrow so I can compile my binder and dig into it further! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was so worth the wait!"


You've already got your essential oils. Don't use them without the tools you NEED to use them well (and safely).

Take a sneak peek inside!

The Toolkit includes three in-depth resources:
the Essential Oil Binder, the Essential Oil Safety Cards, and the Essential Oil Substitutions Guide.

Here's just a small taste of the hundreds of printable resources inside the Toolkit.

Essential Oil Recipes

There are nearly 140 essential oil recipes inside the Essential Oil Toolkit.

Homekeeping & Cleaning Recipes

Beauty & Skincare Recipes

First Aid Recipes

Recipes for Kids, Babies & Mamas

Cold & Flu Season Recipes

Wellness, Relief & Relaxation Recipes

Holiday Recipes

Recipes for Pets


There's so much to keep track of with essential oils, so we've provided plenty of space to easily organize ALL of your notes, as well as space on all of the charts, tables, and safety profiles to add in plenty of your own notes.

Essential Oil Inventory Logs

Care Provider Contact Sheets

Safety & Usage Stickers for Your Essential Oil Caps

Binder Tabs to organize all your information

Store & Sale Tracker

Brand Evaluation Checklists

Substitution Guides & Usage Charts

There are nearly 30 pages of substitution guides and dozens of reference charts for essential oil safety and essential oil uses, including shelf life, oil-specific topical dilution charts, and what to do in case of an adverse reaction.

The substitution guides come in two different designs, so you can use the one that's most useful for you.

Multiple dilution charts

In-depth substitution guides

Charts to find essential oils based on benefit

Safety charts of essential oils to avoid in certain situations

Safety Profiles

The in-depth essential oil safety profiles are the heart and soul of the toolkit.

There are 185 pages of comprehensive safety profiles in the Essential Oil Binder and 142 condensed safety profiles in the Essential Oil Safety Cards.

Bergamot Essential Oil Safety Profile

Lavender Essential Oil Safety Profile

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Safety Profile

Each full-page safety profile includes information on:

  • what ages can use it safely
  • its main benefits
  • its uses
  • its proper dilution maximum
  • whether it's phototoxic
  • shelf life
  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • dogs
  • cats
  • birds and small pets
  • expanded notes on safety hazards and drug interactions
  • when it SHOULDN'T be used
  • whether it can be taken internally
  • plant parts used
  • common name
  • proper genus & species
  • other names
  • space for your own notes on your favorite uses for the oil, purchasing and ordering notes, and more

"I love the EO Binder. Tons of information all in one place and at my fingertips. Thank you. Compiling all the data must have been a true labor of love."



What's included in the Essential Oil Toolkit?

The Essential Oil Toolkit is jam-packed with tools and resources to help you use your essential oils confidently, safely, and effectively.

It includes all three of our game-changing essential oil resources: the Essential Oil Binder, the Essential Oil Safety Cards, and the Essential Oil Substitutions Guide, all of which is a $151 value.

You'll also receive free access to our popular 10-day Essential Oil Safety Fundamentals class.

Do I receive actual essential oils with my purchase?

No. The Essential Oil Toolkit is your in-depth reference to help you use the essential oils you already buy safely, effectively, and often.

How soon after purchase will I receive my Toolkit?

Nearly immediately! Your toolkit will be delivered via email to the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

If you don't see it, be sure to check your Spam or Promotions folders, and if you still don't see it, please contact us at

PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously opted out of our emails you may not receive the email delivering your toolkit, as our system will be blocked from sending to your email address. If that is the case, we recommend either using a different email address (the quickest solution), or contacting us at We're happy to help!

Is this Essential Oil Toolkit good for anyone or just for moms?

The Essential Oil Toolkit can easily be used by anyone - from beginners to professionals!

It's called "The Thinking Mom's Essential Oil Toolkit" because I've included tons of printables and references with kids and families in mind, but it's usable and applicable to absolutely anyone who wants to use their essential oils well.

I'm just getting started with essential oils. Will this be over my head?

Not at all!

In fact, it's ideal for beginners, as you have everything you need to look up any question you have and build a solid foundation as you get started with your essential oils.

Then, as you become more comfortable and confident, it can be your constant "desk reference" to expand your knowledge and look up specific details about specific oils.

The printables and worksheets are useful whether you're a complete novice or a professional, as they're designed simply to record your own information.

Why do you focus so much on safety? Essential oils are natural, so aren't they naturally safe?

Essential oils are 100% plant-based, so they are indeed all-natural.

BUT they're also an isolated, super-concentrated part of the plant and have both the ability to be extremely beneficial and extremely harmful, depending on their quality, how they're used, and who they're used on.

There's a lot of information to balance to make sure that you use them to get all the great benefits without any of the harmful effects, so we've made it our passion and our mission to provide in-depth resources so anyone can use essential oils safely AND effectively without overwhelm.

Can I use this with my upline or downline?

We would love for you to use it with your upline or downline! Having your whole team on the same page can be powerful and effective.

However, please note that each person in your team must have their own copy, which means you either need to purchase one copy for each person (just adjust the number you need at checkout) OR purchase our Multi-Use License, which allows you to make or share unlimited copies.

How do I access the Toolkit?

The resources inside the Essential Oil Toolkit are entirely digital. You will receive an email immediately following your purchase with links to download each resource. You may save these files on your device or computer and you may print them on a home printer or send them to be printed at a commercial print shop.

Can I get a physical copy of the Essential Oil Toolkit?

Because of the variety of resources included, there is no physical copy of the Essential Oil Toolkit available. No physical items will be sent to you. Everything will arrive digitally via email.

However, once you download the digital files, you are welcome to print as many copies for your own personal use as you so desire. The printables in particular are specifically designed to be printed and used over and over again.

Is the Essential Oil Toolkit really worth the cost?

We definitely think so! In fact, at $67 we've priced it nearly 60% below its actual value because we're so incredibly passionate about helping as many people as possible use essential oils well.

It grieves us that there is such confusion and hurtful discourse around essential oils and we want solid, trustworthy, comprehensive information available to beginners and professionals alike!

What if I already own one of the resources in the Toolkit? Can I get a discount?

No. Because the Toolkit is already being offered at a significant discount, there are no additional discounts available.

Does the Toolkit include information about brand-specific blends, such as Young Living and doTerra's blends?

No, but that's specifically because it's to your advantage. Here's why:

All the essential oil profiles included are for essential oil SINGLES, meaning the essential oil from one single type of plant. Essential oil BLENDS are created from mixing multiple singles together.

The Essential Oil Toolkit does NOT include information for brand-proprietary blends for two reasons:

1. Brands sometimes change the recipes for their blends. If I included safety information for a blend, but a year or two down the road the company changed their recipe, the information I included would be inaccurate.

2. There's no way to stay on top of ALL the brands and all the lines those brands produce.

Thus, we've built the Toolkit to be as extensive as possible so that you have at hand in-depth information about the vast majority of essential oil singles, which gives you all the tools you need to figure out the safety profile for ANY blend, no matter the brand or the blend.

Rather than limiting you, we wanted to provide the tools for limitless knowledge.

What is your return policy?

We are confident that the Essential Oil Toolkit will more than prove its value as soon as you use it, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know! We provide a 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

"This binder information is chock full of EVERYTHING essential oil. I have been using them for a few years but still a little shaky on safety issues... Best use techniques, good for adults, children, dogs, cats, birds. What each one does, first aid, putting on, taking off... You name it! And it's put in a package that is very efficient in print but beautiful in style. Right down to the tab headings and book covers. It's all there. Well worth the money. Thank you for this extensive effort, Kresha!"


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The Essential Oil Toolkit

  • Get a digital copy of our ground-breaking, power-packed, 375+ page Essential Oil Binder, which is chock full of nearly 140 essential oil recipes, 185 full essential oil safety profiles, dozens of safety and usage charts, and printable forms to organize and keep track of everything essential oil
  • Includes the Essential Oil Safety Cards, printable in-depth safety profiles in business card size so you can keep your safety profiles right with your essential oil bottles
  • Includes the beautifully designed Essential Oil Substitutions Guide so you can easily and knowledgeably swap essential oils in and out of recipes as necessary
  • Get free access to our popular Essential Oil Safety Fundamentals 10-day class where you'll learn how essential oils work, the different routes essential oils enter the body, the effects they can have, how to store and organize your essential oils, and much more!
  • The Thinking Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies digital guide

The Essential Oil + Natural Remedies Toolkit

  • Get a digital copy of our ground-breaking, power-packed, 375+ page Essential Oil Binder, which is chock full of nearly 140 essential oil recipes, 185 full essential oil safety profiles, dozens of safety and usage charts, and printable forms to organize and keep track of everything essential oil
  • Includes the Essential Oil Safety Cards, printable in-depth safety profiles in business card size so you can keep your safety profiles right with your essential oil bottles
  • Includes the beautifully designed Essential Oil Substitutions Guide so you can easily and knowledgeably swap essential oils in and out of recipes as necessary
  • Get free access to our popular Essential Oil Safety Fundamentals 10-day class where you'll learn how essential oils work, the different routes essential oils enter the body, the effects they can have, how to store and organize your essential oils, and much more!
  • Get The Thinking Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies digital guide, which walks you through simple, creative ways to use herbs, essential oils, and other natural products in a thoughtful, systematic way so you can be confident and knowledgeable in using natural remedies regularly in your home. It includes hundreds of recipes, checklists, tips, and techniques.

Want to share your toolkit with friends or colleagues?

The entire Toolkit is completely yours to use as much or as little as you like for personal use!

However, if you want to send it to friends or clients, make copies for your upline or downline, or share it with a group of like-minded moms, you EITHER need to purchase one copy for each person you're giving it to (just like you would a book in a bookstore) OR you need to purchase our multi-use license, which allows you to make or give away unlimited copies. 😲

It's a pretty sweet deal. ❤️

  • You'll receive everything in the Essential Oil + Natural Remedies Toolkit PLUS the multi-use license which will allow you to make unlimited copies of all resources inside the Toolkit

$400 $258


If you've already purchased the Essential Oil Toolkit and now want to purchase the Multi-Use License as an add-on, click here.

More praise for the resources inside the Essential Oil Toolkit...

"The Essential Oil Binder is well-researched and well thought out. There was a lot of care and time spent to create this incredible resource! It is filled with great, helpful information to make the best decisions when choosing essential oils for my recipes! I have already picked out several recipes to make! Thank you, Kresha!"

- Elizabeth

"I already had the Essential Oils Safety cards and was looking for more information and working on having my files more organized and this just did it for me! The tables of common usage and substitutions are JUST what I needed!"

- Marina

"I love this!! Lots of great information!! Thank you 🙏🏻 Kresha for all your hard work!!"

- Heidi

"I love this!! It's amazing!! Thank you for all the hard work!"

- Denise F.

"This is one of a few items I have purchased and I must say I am never disappointed. I received a well thought out product that makes my studying and note taking so much easier. I received everything just as stated in the description. If you want your essential oil information organized and to have very informative resources then think smarter, not harder. Buy from Nourishing Joy. You won't be disappointed."

L. W.