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Welcome to Thank Goodness It's Monday, a weekly blog carnival celebrating natural, joyful living. The TGIM link carnival happens every Monday here at Nourishing Joy and it's where we share stories of gratitude and joy and link up recipes, tips, and tricks for living natural, intentional, nourished lives.

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You'll find posts here on so many topics: cooking from scratch, natural housekeeping, gardening and animal husbandry, frugal tips and tricks, stories of joy and gratitude, answers to prayer, homeschooling, herbal remedies, meal planning, thoughtful parenting… what do you have to share?


Last Week's Most Popular Posts

Thanks for visiting each other’s blogs! This last week was particularly busy – you all seem to have many favorites. 🙂 Please continue to encourage and support each other in this wonderful way.

Here are the top six most popular posts from last week:

1. Lavender Lemonade Gelatin from Kristine Rudolph

2. Homemade Liquid and Powder Foundation from Simple Life Mom

3. Everyday Essential Oils for Busy Moms from Middle Way Mom

4. Autumn Olive Jam and Why You Should Make It from Our One Acre Farm

5. How-to: Deep Clean a Top-Loading Washing Machine from Reviews, Chews, and How-Tos

6. Quick and Fun Donut Bread Rolls – GF,CF,DF,YF from Creating Silver Linings

And just because it's one of my perennial favorite posts over at Tiny Peasant:

6. Preserving the Harvest: Frozen Soup Packs from Tiny Peasant


How to Share

Choose a post from your own blog that you want to share. If you don't have a blog, feel free to share your story or tip in the comments.

Click “Click Here to Enter” at the bottom of the list. Enter your blog post's title, URL, and all other pertinent info. Once you've chosen and cropped your photo, your link will appear on the list!

Return to the blog post you just linked up and place some sort of text attribution somewhere to Nourishing Joy and include a link back to If you don't know what to say, feel free to copy and paste this sentence:

This post has been shared at Thank Goodness It's Monday at Nourishing Joy.

If you want (and it's totally optional), leave a comment telling us what you shared and why you shared it.

That's it! Thank you for joining us! I'm so excited you're here! (Can you tell?!?)


How to Play Nice

(aka Carnival Common Courtesies)

So, just a few guidelines so we can all have fun and learn from each other.

1. Pretty much anything goes as long as it fits within the natural / sustainable / real food / nourished living type of category. We're here to inspire each other, learn from each other, and share with each other, so link up!

2. If you're submitting a recipe, please remember: real food recipes are welcome, recipes using processed or boxed ingredients are not. “Real food” can mean a lot of different things, but basically, if it's made from scratch, it's probably okay. If it uses something from a can or a box, it's probably not.

3. Please link your post back to Nourishing Joy. This is a common blog carnival courtesy and helps this community grow so that we can benefit from each other more and more.

4. At this time, giveaways are allowed but advertising is only allowed for products you yourself created or have been involved in (e.g. e-books, classes, fine woodworking, a sale at your brick-and-mortar natural goods store, etc). I may revamp this as time goes by according to how these guidelines are used.

5. I'm really rather a nice person, but please know, I have a delete button and I'm not afraid to use it. This blog carnival is to encourage each other to live joyful lives in natural, sustainable ways, so if your submission doesn't further that goal, I will quietly delete your post.

6. And lastly, please encourage each other by visiting each other's sites! I include the names of the most popular posts from the previous week at the top of each week's list, we have a shared Pinterest board, and I mention especially creative or intriguing posts on our Facebook page as I am able. I encourage you to do the same with posts you find intriguing.

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19 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s Monday #89

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  7. Deborah Davis says:

    Hi Kresha,
    It’s so good to party with you at Thank Goodness It’s Monday! Today I shared “”Tastes of Brazil: Feijoada, Vegan Style” and “Tastes of Brazil: Moqueca Stew, Vegan Style” as well as “Like a Natural Woman: Tips for Living a Naturally Healthy Lifestyle”. All the best, Deborah

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  9. Jillian Hudson says:

    Thanks for hosting! I’m honored that you chose my Donut Rolls as a featured recipe this week. 🙂

    I’m sharing Mustard Gravy—my allergy-friendly Southern gravy with a kick!

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