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It has been an amazing week at the Real Food Summit.

The free online conference featuring 27 of the most well-known doctors, researchers, bloggers, and experts on real food and sustainable farming has been held for the last 9 days. In that time, we've seen presentations about infertility, genetically modified foods, how to protect our children from the modern food culture, how food affects genetics, and so much more.

It's been a stellar presenter line-up too: Joel Salatin, Kim Schuette, Pam Schoenfeld, Aaron Lucich, Barry Groves, Catherine Shanahan, and so many bloggers we know and love – Jenny McGruther, Donielle Baker, Sarah Pope, and Kelly the Kitchen Kop – are only a few.

I've been especially impressed with Sean Croxton, the event organizer, who did a spectacular job of interviewing each presenter. I came away with so much great information to chew on after each presentation. For anyone who wants to make informed decisions about the food they eat, the Real Food Summit has been invaluable.

And now that the event is nearly over, it's possible to get replays of the entire event, which come with videos, audio files, 300+ pages of transcripts, 9 gifts and coupons, and a 1-year subscription to Organic Gardening magazine. I believe Tuesday is the last day to order replays, so definitely check it out sooner rather than later. I ordered my copies earlier today, as I know I'll refer to them over and over again.

Even if you aren't interested in ordering replays, be sure to check out today's presentations that will be up until midnight PST tonight. (Click on the logo at the top of the page if the presentations aren't immediately visible.) Today's topics include overcoming adrenal fatigue, the connection between soy and infertility, and troubleshooting real food digestive issues.






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