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Join us for the Natural Mothering Ebook Bundle Sale - June 10-17, 2013!

FYI: There is nothing for sale in this post – I'm just giving you a heads-up of what's coming in the next few months so you can thoughtfully and prayerfully plan ahead!

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Nourishing Joy exists to encourage and inspire thought-filled, nourished living for both body and soul. As a community, we celebrate frugal, sustainable living and informed decision making. (What a JOY!)

I also want to ensure you have a heads-up on our promotions so you never feel pressured to buy what you don't need.

To that end, I want to announce FOUR upcoming e-book bundles I will be eagerly and happily offering in the next two months.

The four bundles cover four different topics:

  • real food
  • homemaking
  • fertility
  • natural mothering

They'll be showing up in that order, so please thoughtfully and prayerfully consider if any of these bundles will serve you well and then purchase accordingly. I want the best for you and to support you on your journey!

From our homemade bleach to our worksheet for thinking through vaccination decisions to cloth diapering tips to our celebratory Sourdough Black Forest Cake, Nourishing Joy aspires to be a trust-worthy resource for every part of your natural living journey. I vet promotions here at Nourishing Joy scrupulously, and take care to only offer products that I believe are worth every dime and will encourage, inspire, and equip you for years to come.


What Is an E-book Bundle?

E-book bundles are one of those products that I'm particularly excited about, because they offer an especially good value to the right buyer. They also tend to be focused within a specific genre, so you get lots of books on one particular subject.

You've likely noticed that e-book bundle sales have EXPLODED across the blogging world in the last 6-8 months – and that's specifically because they're such a good value. When I bought my first e-book bundle, I was SO excited because it contained books that I had been drooling over for months, but that on our tight budget I couldn't afford. And then, for one payment of $30 or so, I received thirty books all at once, which I still refer to regularly.

May these e-book bundles bless you and serve you well!


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