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Have you ever wanted to take real food camping, but didn't know where to start?

Have you suffered from PCOS and felt completely defeated?

Or perhaps are you constantly tired and wondering if going grain-free would help, but don't know how to make that kind of commitment?

Or most of all, do you just want to make little changes in your kitchen and around your home to make your family healthier but would like some inspiration?

If so, this bundle is definitely for you! There are 33 books worth $479, but you only pay $39.

Now, I should mention, several of these books focus on the primal/paleo way of eating, which emphasizes that humans are not evolved enough to eat grain, so if you're uncomfortable with that, perhaps give this bundle a pass.

But on the other hand, there are several of my FAVORITE e-books available here and they are worth the price alone. Consider this: Food Renegade's Real Food for Kids nutrition text and Mommypotamus' Nourished Baby would cost you $39 just for the two of them, so perhaps consider the other 31 books as a free bonus. 🙂

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Here's a sneak peek at some of my other favorites:

…Katie from Kitchen Stewardship has her Family Camping Handbook in the bundle – which includes tips on how to go camping with toddlers (score!)

…Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS has included her very popular LactoFermentation book

…my Restocking the Pantry is here

…the new Indulge: 70 Grain-Free Recipes from Carol at Ditch the Wheat is featured

…there's Unbound Birth from Jenny at

…and there is some really intriguing reading about the musical brain, homemade beauty care recipe books, and weight loss.

You WILL find something to love in this bundle – I can (almost) guarantee it!)

More concisely, the books in this bundle will help you to…

*Heal your PCOS
*Plan grain-free meals
*Boost your metabolism
*Nourish your baby well
*Cure your skin compulsions
*Travel and stay Paleo with ease
*Homemake dairy-free ice cream
*Lacto-ferment any food you want
*Educate your kids about real food
*Smartly indulge in treats guilt-free
*Heal your acne without antibiotics
*Restock your pantry with real food
*Live a simpler, more meaningful life
*Complete your next Whole30 with ease
*Go on a semi-strict 21 day Paleo cleanse
*Cook with real food via 6 unique cookbooks
*Experience your best family camping trip ever
*Learn what it means to be an exuberant animal
*Give a hospital birth naturally with minimal stress
*Blend smoothies made with real food that taste great
*Homemake skincare products for those you love including your baby
*Discover the relationship between music, language, evolution, and the human brain
*Complete a 30 day introduction to Paleo while building your relationship with food
*Sneak past the traditional Paleo way of eating and go Wild instead
*See the other side of the Paleo story with 12 Paleo myths
*Then discover 21 Paleo myths that then get debunked!

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What is the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle?

*33 ebooks with a total value of $479
*On sale for 7 days – January 7 to January 14
*Sale price of only $39 – 92% off the total value!
*Includes automatic entry into the epic giveaway with a total value of $1122

Important notes

The sale ends on Monday, January 14 at 11:59 PM EST.

Click on the links to the ebooks to learn more about them.

Paleo Crock Pot Cookbook is linked to Caveman Feast. Please understand that the PDF you will receive includes 31 crock pot recipes.

The PCOS Unlocked: The Manual you will be receiving is 52 pages worth; not the entire guide. Why? It has a specifically unique value and thus $47 selling price. A significant discount code to purchase the rest of the guide is inside.

The giveaway ends at the exact same time of the sale. Todd of Primal Toad will announce the winners on the giveaway page and email them too. Please go to to learn more about the prizes.

Due to the unique nature of this sale, no refunds will be offered. With the bundle containing 33 ebooks at a cost of 92% of their normal price point, everyone is bound to find immense value well worth $39.

Paleo, real food, grain free & coconut oil cookbooks

I Love Real Food Cookbook ($12) by Svenja Trierscheid @

Beyond Grain & Dairy Cookbook ($17)by Starlene Stewart @

Grain Free Meal Plan Cookbook ($18) by Cara Faus @

Well Fed Cookbook ($15) by Melissa Joulwan @

Cooking with Coconut Oil ($20) by Jennifer @

Paleo Crock Pot Cookbook ($10) by Abel & George Bryant @

Lacto-Fermentation, pantry overhaul & freezer guide

Restocking the Pantry ($10) by Kresha Faber @

Lacto-Fermentation ($20) by Wardee Harmon @

Freezer Cooking Guide for Grain Free Meal Plans ($18) by Cara Faus @

Indulge in treats without feeling guilty

Indulge: 70 Grain Free Recipes ($25) by Carol Lovett @

Toadally Primal Smoothies ($10) by Todd Dosenberry @

Paleo Ice Cream ($10) by Ben Hirshberg @

Give birth, nourish your newborn, then educate him/her on real food

Real Food Nutrition for Kids ($20) by Kristen Michaelis @

My Buttered Life Baby Edition ($5) by Renee Harris

Nourished Baby ($19) by Heather Dessinger @

Unbound Birth ($5) by Jenny Yarbrough @

Heal PCOS & boost metabolism

PCOS Unlocked: The Manual ($24) by Stefani Ruper @

Eat for Heat ($10) by Matt Stone @

Simplify, live exuberantly, camp with your family & play music

3-2-1 Stop: Stop Running and Start Living ($5) by Lorilee Lippincott @

Family Camping Handbook ($7) by Katie Kimball @

The Musical Brain ($3) by Abel James Bascom @

Exuberant Animal ($10) by Frank Forencich @

Paleo time: travel, myths, cleanse, start anew or go wild

30 Day Intro to Paleo ($15) by Bill & Hayley @

The Wild Diet ($17) by Abel James Bascom @

12 Paleo Diet Myths ($10) by Matt Stone @

21-Day Paleo Cleanse ($24) by Neely Quinn @

21 Myths About the Paleo Diet… Debunked! ($19) by Aglaee Jacob @

Eating Out and Traveling on the Paleo Diet ($15) by Aglaee Jacob @

Take care of your skin homemade style & heal acne

Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom ($29) by Tracy McCullough @

Cure Your Skin Compulsions ($29) by Tracy McCullough @

Guide to Homemade Skincare ($19) by Roxanne King @

My Buttered Life Gift Giving Edition ($5) by Renee Harris

My Buttered Life Summer Edition ($5) by Renee Harris

Buy Now

Please remember that no refunds will be offered due to the unique nature of this sale. However, if you buy the bundle then you have automatic entry into the giveaway.

Enjoy the bundle if you choose to invest $39 in YOUR wellness!


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