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Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway for a free enrollment in the Get Cultured! How To Ferment Anything e-course. I love giveaways!

So, without further ado… the winner of last week’s giveaway, selected by, is Entry #56: Tova. Congratulations, Tova! I've contacted you and we'll get you connected with Jenny as soon as possible.

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Sale Price Now Through 5/31

If you’re still interested in taking the e-course, I should let you know that both the sale AND the coupon have been extended through May 31! This means that this is a great time to sign up.

The course regularly sells for $199 – you can buy it at any time.  But, through May 31st, it’s on sale for $147. Plus, if you use the coupon code SAUERKRAUT, you can take an additional $50 off that discounted price to register for the e-course for just $97.

Since there are 13 classes in the course – each jam-packed with downloadable fact sheets, video tutorials, and step-by-step recipes – that's less than $7.50 per class.

Click here to see more about the course.

Click here to register at this low price.

You can start now or later… you choose.

When you register, you’ll get a lifetime enrollment. That means that you can access the lessons at your own pace, whenever you want, even if it’s years from now.

And the beauty of it is that all the lessons are ready and waiting for you – you can choose 1 or 2 you'd like to do now and come back and do the other lessons later. If you're an experienced fermenter and want to dive into new recipes like meats and fish, you could start there. If you're brand new to fermenting or you're afraid your family isn't ready for big changes in the dinner time diet, perhaps you'd want to start with the condiments and traditional favorites like sauerkraut or pickles. It's all up to you and there are more than 100 recipes, more than 50 videos, and tons of information available, so you can pick and choose as you go.

Click here to learn more about what’s covered in each lesson.

Why do I recommend the course?

Because I myself have taken it and benefited greatly from it. It gave me new skills and greater confidence to prepare healthy, safe, deeply-nourishing fermented foods regularly, which not only gives me satisfaction to know a new skill, but also when I see my children heartily eating fermented food, it gives me deep pride and satisfaction.

I also believe fermented foods are a vital part of healing our bodies and nourishing them deeply. If you're going to spend $$$ on any online-learning course, why not learn some basic skills you'll use for years and years, for the well-being of your family as well as your own?

Do I really think it's worth the money?

If you're like me, paying for a course online always seems like a lot of money. “If I just look around enough, I'll find everything I need to know for free!” you perhaps think.

That is true to an extent, but considering the sheer amount of information and tips compiled, along with the ability to ask the instructor questions, listen to past conference calls, and the professionalism of the course materials makes the money well worth it. Jenny is highly knowledgeable and her passion for real food is contagious – check out the replay of her recent free webinar on fermented foods to see for yourself (1+ hour).

You can also set up a payment plan. If $97 feels out of reach but you're really interested in the course, there is the option to pay over a three month period. It will cost a bit more in the long-run, but it may make it more affordable month-to-month, so consider it if it would be helpful to you.

Click here to learn more about the payment plan.

And I'll be honest – I do receive a commission anytime anyone purchases a course via Nourishing Joy, but as I've mentioned before, I only put up links on the blog that I heartily endorse, and that definitely includes Nourished Kitchen's e-courses. I applaud Jenny for her work and want to share it with as many people as possible, commission or not!

And lastly, I bet you'll really enjoy taking the course. I know I did!


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