Using essential oils safely is a huge priority. So we've now made it EASY to use them safely with these Essential Oil Safety Cards.

Rather than dig around in the cupboard for your 3-ring notebook where you've stuffed all your notes or grab your phone to look up your question online, simply print these cards and keep them right with all your bottles of essential oil.

And we've purposely designed them to make it easy to reference information about specific oils while not covering up important information from the manufacturer (not to mention keeping the bottles pretty with their attractive labels!) and providing a place to write your own notes about each oil.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS SET “A” AND CONTAINS 30 SAFETY CARDS. Please see below for a complete list of which oils are included.

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, not a physical product. You will receive the cards instantly via e-mail and can then print them out on your personal printer or at a print shop. You are welcome to print as many sets for your own use as desired.