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A Love Affair with Real Food

I'm passionate about local, seasonal, sustainably produced food. Any food made from scratch using such quality ingredients is deeply nourishing, delicious, cost effective, and just the way food should be.

There's another side to Real Food though, too, and one that is beneficial to all, but especially good for those who need to heal their bodies from either short-term or chronic illness or for those who want to regularly boost their immune systems or take in extra nutrients (such as during pregnancy or heavy-duty weight-training). Using traditional preservation methods – namely fermentation, culturing, and curing rather than pickling or freezing – takes the already good nutrients, enzymes, and bacterias in our foods and heightens them to be more bio-available, increase in potency, and gentler on digestion. These foods also very gently clean the gut and heal it from the ravages of processed foods, thus making them essential for anyone suffering from IBS, celiac disease, autism, and auto-immune diseases.

The distinction here is that while changing eating habits to include exclusively from-scratch foods, lovely greens and salads, and pastured meats is a wonderful change and the body certainly will respond, deep healing in the body cannot happen on a permanent scale until fermented and cultured foods are intentionally included for a long period of time.


Making Real Food Practical, Easy, and Frugal

If you're interested in Real Food and increasing your knowledge and skill in the kitchen, keep reading Nourishing Joy as we grow and consider seriously signing up for How to Cook Real Food with Jenny from Nourished Kitchen – you'll be inspired, to say the least!

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Meet Jenny

It can take time and practice to feel comfortable with all the new practices in your kitchen. Even as a confident, serious home cook, I never would have thought five years ago that brewing kombucha, making sauerkraut, drinking water kefir, tending sourdough, making yogurt, and driving long distances to obtain raw milk and cheeses would be regular parts of my cooking routine, but each small change has made me more confident of my ability to care for my family in these frugal and nutrient-rich ways.

There's certainly a growing amount of information here at Nourishing Joy about Real Food – our recipes focus on both the simple “from scratch” philosophy as well as deeply-nourishing ferments and cultures. However, there are other FANTASTIC bloggers whose passion for Real Food and sustainable small farms are inspiring and contagious and whose blogs are packed with great information.

One of those is Jenny at Nourished Kitchen, who is one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable Real Food advocates today. Even better, she has put together an online cooking course to teach the techniques that make Real Food cooking practical and easy – so definitely check out the course intro and syllabus. She is also offering a special discount for readers of Nourishing Joy – use coupon code KRESHA for a $25 discount plus a 3-month subscription to the weekly meal plans from Nourished Kitchen.

I signed up for her last course – Get Cultured! How to Ferment Anything – and the depth of information all collected into one place, including downloadable worksheets, videos, and conference calls, was invaluable and absolutely worth the cost. I still regularly refer to the recipes and resources she provided in that course and have no doubt this new cooking course, How to Cook Real Food, will not disappoint.


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