Hi! I'm Kresha.

I'm the mom of four, ranging from teen to toddler. I earned my essential oil safety certification from the Tisserand Institute in May of 2019, and I'm a gung-ho, over-the-top passionate advocate of making life as joyful, thoughtful, and beautiful as possible, even (especially) when life is really, really hard.

I love using herbs and essential oils in our family's natural remedies arsenal, but knowing how to use them hasn't come without a steep learning curve and whole lot of mistakes.

Through this class, I want you to gain confidence and feel savvy and smart… without having to make the mistakes I did. No matter where you are on your essential oil journey, I guarantee you'll learn something new!

Essential oils & hydrosols

Here's what you'll learn:

Why Safety Matters

Essential oils are an amazing, natural gift for general well-being and non-toxic housekeeping – but that doesn't mean they're automatically a panacea for everything, nor that they're inherently safe. With great gifts, come great responsibility, so learn the guidelines and use them with JOY!

Essential Oil Quality… and how to know

Forget brands that claim they're the only ones who create quality oils. There are plenty of brands creating high-quality oils. But there are even more that cut corners, so learn how to tell the difference.

How to Diffuse, Ingest, and Use Essential Oils Topically

Can you ingest essential oils? We walk through the science so you know why to choose “yes” or “no.” You'll also gain new confidence and creativity in knowing when to diffuse or use your EO's on the skin.

When You SHOULDN'T Use Essential Oils

Essential oils provide great benefit in so many situations, but learn how to recognize when you should avoid using them – and what to do if an adverse reaction does occur.

Use Essential Oils Safely with Children and Pets

Babies, children, and pets are the most at risk for adverse reactions with essential oils, so learn when and how to use them safely.

Simple & Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils

This course is packed with recipes for all sorts of uses for your essential oils, and also teaches you how to choose EO's to come up with your own favorite recipes.

How to Organize and Care for Your Essential Oils

Essential oils DO have a useful shelf life, so learning how to take care of them (and how to store them!) protects your investment and keeps them useful for as long as possible.


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How to use essential oils safely: a 10-day class

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Learn how to use essential oils safely